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Spinach, Chickpeas, and Feta

I don’t know how this recipe came into our house. It’s not Italian, though the ingredients are mediterranean, and I never had it growing up. But it quickly became a favorite. I wonder if it’s a variation of an Indian dish? In any case, it’s simple to make, and tastes great. Enjoy!

Primi, Tomato-based


When I was a kid, we’d often visit my grandparents in Brooklyn on Sundays. Dinner was always early, and often consisted of pasta with tomato sauce, or marinara. In fact, my dad remembers being a kid—all his friends would get called in for Sunday dinner at the same time, and then come out again afterward, […]


Chicken Stew

Here’s another dish that’s great for gatherings. Not fancy, but tasty and filling. It’s my own recipe, but it follows the general rules for making a braise. While not distinctly Italian, it definitely has a mediterranean flare. You can use a whole chicken cut up (you can sometimes find that in the supermarket) or use […]

Butter-based, Primi


Basil is another item I associate with summer. In fact, my dad would plant basil in between the tomatoes in his garden. It really thrived in the humid New Jersey climate, and we had an abundance when the days got hot and lazy. Consequently, spaghetti with pesto was a frequent summer supper, often eaten in […]


Roasted Peppers

Tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, and bell peppers grew in abundance in my father’s garden, thriving on the heat and humidity of the long New Jersey summers. I was surprised to learn that some people don’t realize that green peppers and red peppers are in fact the same—they start green and turn red when they ripen. They’re […]