Main courses–meats and fish and such.


Chicken Stew

Here’s another dish that’s great for gatherings. Not fancy, but tasty and filling. It’s my own recipe, but it follows the general rules for making a braise. While not distinctly Italian, it definitely has a mediterranean flare. You can use a whole chicken cut up (you can sometimes find that in the supermarket) or use […]


Chicken Florentine

Everybody should see Florence at least once—the duomo is an architectural marvel, as is the Ponte Vecchio, and the Boboli gardens across the river provide a great panoramic view of the city. Some of the greatest renaissance art can be found in Florence. It’s also a foodie destination, with a long tradition of high-end cuisine. […]


Squash and Ricotta Risotto

I never had risotto growing up. Maybe it was considered too fancy, or maybe Arborio short-grain rice was too hard to find (nowadays you can get it in the supermarket). In fact, I think the first time I had it was in grad school, when I tried, with middling success, to make it myself. It’s […]


Braised Oxtails

Ox tails used to be cheap, but not so much anymore. They’re a tough cut that requires long cooking, but when they’re done right, they’re as tender and flavorful as a prime cut. Still, you can’t just toss them on the grill and have dinner in ten minutes. That’s why they’re supposed to be cheap. […]

Holidays, Secondi

Lentils and Sausage

On New Year’s in some parts of Italy, lentils are traditionally eaten for luck and prosperity (maybe because they resemble coins?). The dish is typically made with a fat sausage called a cotechino, which I don’t think I’ve ever had. I make due with regular sausage. Still, I tend to think of lentils as more […]