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Chicken Florentine

Everybody should see Florence at least once—the duomo is an architectural marvel, as is the Ponte Vecchio, and the Boboli gardens across the river provide a great panoramic view of the city. Some of the greatest renaissance art can be found in Florence. It’s also a foodie destination, with a long tradition of high-end cuisine. […]

Dolci, Holidays


Two days after St. Patrick’s Day comes the Feast of San Giuseppe (St. Joseph). They were probably both Catholic holidays that were superimposed over older pagan festivals marking the vernal equinox. In any case, we celebrate them both with traditional food—corned beef on St. Pat’s, and sfingi on San Giuseppe. And in both cases, we […]


Stuffed Mushrooms

These will fill your house with the most delectable aroma! We typically served these at Easter and Thanksgiving—though they’re great any time of year. In fact, whenever I see huge mushrooms at the market, I generally can’t resist. As with all stuffed dishes, you can add whatever you have in the fridge. In this case, […]

Butter-based, Primi

Farfalle with Salmon

This is another dish of my own creation. It’s a nice dish to eat al fresco on a warm summer night—but I often serve it with the Christmas Eve feast. (My dad, on the other hand, would typically make spaghetti with a crab marinara, made with crabs he had caught and frozen over the summer). […]


Mozzarella in Carrozza

After graduating college, I worked in an Italian restaurant to save up money for a trip to Europe. The restaurant was new, and they needed staff. I exaggerated my qualifications—because I didn’t have any—but I spoke some Italian to the chef/owner during our brief interview. So he hired me as a busboy. After a few […]